Ghost Master is set in the town of Gravenville. You carry out your hauntings in a number of different locations in the town...

Sorority House

Home to a group of sorority girls, this is the first location in which you will get to perform your hauntings, in the mission 'Haunting 101'. You will also return to this location later in the game. 
On the ground floor there is a large lounge area plus a few smaller rooms. On the first floor there is a den plus five bedrooms and a small bathroom. There is also a basement.

Frat House

Home to a group of frat boys, you move on to this location in your second mission 'Weird Séance'. In the basement you will encounter three unsuspecting mortals who are trying to carry out a séance. As with the sorority house there are two floors plus a basement.

Country House

Residence to the Hutz family, you move on to this large house in your third mission 'The Calamityville Horror'. There are many different rooms set across three floors, plus a basement, and you can even perform further hauntings on the roof...


This log cabin is located in the centre of the Blair Wisp woods and is where you will come to summon the mighty Darkling. It's a small building containing a few rooms and a basement. There's also an outhouse.

Motor Yaught

You move on to the impressive motor yaught in 'Deadfellas'. Here you will get the opportunity to make the mortals jump overboard. There are several decks containing various sleeping quarters and entertainment rooms.


After you've performed hauntings in the cabin earlier in the game, you later get to take over the vast woodland that surrounds it. Trees and bridges scatter the deep woods and only a few unprepared filmmakers are in sight, who have come to summon The Darkling at their own risk...

Police Station

Hell Street Precinct Station should be a safe and secure place, but not if you've got anything to do with it!

You'll encounter many of the mortals from earlier missions. Items like water dispenses, mirrors and guns will make good fetters for your haunting team.


Gravenville hospital is a large and impressive building standing tall above the town. There are many doctors and patients to scare from the reception, waiting rooms, examinations, surgeries and wards within. What's more, there's also a lunatic asylum.


Spooky Hollow Farm is an old fashioned setting offering a small shack and a windmill - where one of the mortals is trying to summon the Dragoon. Didn't anyone tell him not to mess with headless horsemen?

The farm is home to the Hamner family.