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We have had the chance to interview many of the development team who worked on Ghost Master...

21st July 2004

Interview with Vince Farquharson

We got in contact with Vince Farquharson, the senior producer at Empire Interactive, to find out about the upcoming console versions of the game for Playstation 2 and Xbox.

19th August 2003

Interview with Gregg Barnett

Shortly after the release of the game, we interviewed Gregg Barnett from Sick Puppies. Gregg is the main man behind the game.

2nd April 2003

Interview with Paul Weir

Paul Weir is responsible for all the fantastic sound and music you hear in the game. 

We interviewed Paul shortly before the game was to be released to find out more.

21st February 2003

Interview with International Hobo

International Hobo are the company who designed Ghost Master. This includes stuff like all the concept artwork and mission designs.

Read our extensive and interesting interview with Chris Bateman and Richard Boon from the company.

13th January 2003

Interview with Andy Severn

Before we knew very much about the game, we interviewed Andy Severn from the Sick Puppies dev team to find out more...