We�ve heard you like scary games, well you are in luck today. Ghost master game is back online. This website is the online resource for the PC game which also released for Mac, PS2 and Xbox. Here you will find news and information about the game, updates and new mods made by the community. We will also talk about other horror games and horror casino slots that can be played for free with the no deposit bonuses you can get from this site.

Ghost Masters game has stood the test of time, it�s a well aged game that released in 2003 is still being played today. Fans of spooky games are still going crazy over this game, because it�s a genre that doesn�t have lots of followers, but they come into a quality game, and they play it for a lifetime, very loyal bunch.

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Download Ghost Master!

The original PC version of Ghost Master is now available as a download from Amazon.com for just $4.99.



Brand new fan-made patch - Take any of your ghosts to any mission!

We are excited to announce that a brand new patch has been created for Ghost Master. 

This new "All Ghosts Mod", which has been created by fans of the game, will let you take any of your ghosts to any mission in the game. So this means that you can now unlock new ghosts in later missions and then use them in the earlier missions!

This new patch is sure to bring much more life to the game. Now you will be able to complete the missions in loads of new ways.

To download this brand new patch, click here.

Thanks to Electro for creating the patch, and to Nemesis for creating the installer program!